Check Imaging


Check images are an easy, convenient way to simplify your filing system and get the information you need.  If you need to see a check image, please let us know and we will mail it to you.   

Q. What are check images?
      A. We scan the front and back of your original checks that you have written and have posted to your checking or savings account, and permanently store them in our computer system.  The scanned images will become permanent documents that can be reproduced at any time. 

Q.  How will my monthly statement look?
      A.  When monthly statements are prepared; our system will gather all of your imaged checks for the month and print them on 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper. They will be neatly three-hole punched and ready to store in a three-ring statement organizer. The imaged checks will be sent with your statement.

Q. Where are my original checks?
      A.  Your original checks are scanned for permanent storage and then retained for up to 60 days before they are destroyed. 

Q.  Will my original checks be returned to me?
      A.  Financial Security Bank has incorporated imaging in all of the check processing.  Therefore, this will eliminate the option to receive your original checks.  When the new Check 21 law went into effect in October 2004, all banks were affected by this new law.  Check 21 gives electronic images of checks the same legal validity as the original paper check.  It is intended to reduce the dependence on physical transportation which could be threatened by natural disasters or terrorist activities.

Q.  What if I need to prove I paid for something?
      A.  No problem.  Imaged checks are fully accepted by the IRS and in a court of law.   Plus, if you need an image of the front or back of an item, we can provide it almost instantly; just come in or call us.  We can even enlarge the imaged item for signature and endorsement verification.

Q.  How long will the bank store the imaged checks?
      A.  Financial Security Bank will have a permanent record of every item that is processed through our system.  All items are permanently stored on an optical disk.

Q.  How many check images will be displayed on a page?
      A.  The check images will display 12 on the front page and 12 on the back page.  The pages will be duplex copies.  Deposits appear first in posting-date order.  Checks appear after deposits in numerical order.  Check number, check or deposit amount, and posting dates appear below each image for easy reference.

Q.  The check images are too small for me to read, what can I do?
      A.  Contact us and we can print your images in a larger size.

Q.  How much does it cost for Check Imaging?
      A.  There is no charge for Check Imaging for our Growth Checking and Rewards Checking accounts.  For our Free Checking accounts, there is a $4.00 monthly fee.

Q.  Can I order an image of just one deposit ticket, or just one check?
      A.  Yes, and the cost would be $2.00 for each item.

When you open a new account, we have a FREE three-ring statement organizer for easy storage of your statements.  Organizing your checking account has never been easier!