Surcharge-Free ATMs

When you need cash or want to make a purchase, you don't want to worry about having access to your money. With the SHAZAM® network, you're connected to your checking account when and where you need it. Whether at an ATM or point-of-sale (POS) location, you can count on SHAZAM® to be there to make your transactions go smoothly and quickly.  Subject to credit approval.

MoneyPass® ATMs

Financial Security Bank is part of the MoneyPass® network which provides you to with access to over 25,000 ATMs around the country!

Check out their site by clicking on the logo below to see where the nearest ATM is to you!

Shazam® Privileged Status

Privileged Status is a program developed by the SHAZAM® network to help community financial institutions provide their customers with a broad base of surcharge-free ATM locations.

Shazam® Privileged Status Benefits

Customers of participating Privileged Status financial institutions can use the ATMs of other participating Privileged Status financial institutions without paying surcharge fees.  Look for ATMs that display the Privileged Status logo shown below.  Cardholders can also search for Privileged Status ATMs in a specific area using the Privileged Status ATM Locator.