Switch Kit

Automatic Payment Form Close My Account Form Direct Deposit Form


Everything you need for an easy transition
to Financial Security Bank

We want to make your move to Financial Security Bank as easy as possible. That’s why we developed this Easy Switch Kit with everything you’ll need to close your existing accounts and transfer your automatic payments and deposits. You won't even need to visit your old bank. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1 Open your new account at Financial Security Bank

Stop in and one of our bankers will gladly assist you. OR
Complete our account opening application and mail it to us with your opening deposit. (When your new account is open, continue with Steps 2 and 3.)

Step 2 We’ll help you close your old accounts.

Simply complete the enclosed form:

Authorization to Close My Account and mail it to your old bank. (Or, we can mail it for you.) This form gives them all the information they need and saves you the inconvenience of an in-person visit to close your accounts. (Select a closing date at least 45 days from today, to allow checks you’ve written to clear and automatic deposits/payments to transfer to your new Finacial Security Bank account.)

Step 3 Change your direct deposits and automatic payments.

Simply complete the enclosed forms: 
Authorization to Change Direct Deposit and/or Authorization to Change Automatic Payment

Complete a form for each company. Attach a voided check from your new Financial Security Bank account to each authorization form. Mail them as soon as possible, or drop them off and we’ll mail them for you.

We look forward to serving you!