Check Re-order


If you already have a checking account with Financial Security Bank and need to re-order the same style checks, with the same address, you can do so here.  Simply click here to re-order.

You will need your:

  • Routing/Transit Number
  • Account Number
  • Starting Number of your Next Check

In certain situations, checks cannot be re-ordered online.  Please visit one of our offices if:

  • There are any changes to your check order, such as name change or change of address
  • It has been longer than 2 years since your last check order
  • This is your first time ordering checks with Financial Security Bank

Please note:  If you are changing any information on your checks since your previous order, please contact us for additional assistance.  This would include imprint personalization, shipping information and check starting number.

FAQ regarding ordering checks from Harland:

Q.  How can I find out exactly how much my checks cost?
      A.  You will see the amount you were charged for your order on your future bank statement; they will be debited from your account.  If you need to know the exact price before you place the order, please use traditional ordering methods.

Q.  Is there any additional cost for using this online order service?
      A.  This service is offered as a convenience to you.  Harland will never charge an extra service fee for ordering online.  You will pay the same amount for your checks whether you order online, or use traditional ordering methods.

Q.  I am part of an account at our bank that included free checks.  If I order through Harland, will I be charged?
      A.  Yes, you will need to re-order with a Personal Banker to ensure your checks are ordered free of charge.