Community Outreach & Giving

Community Outreach & Giving:

Choose a bank who is dedicated to serving you and your community. We promise to do everything we can to completely exceed your expectations.

We believe that together we can make a difference in our community by donating our time and sharing our resources.

Areas of Giving:

Youth Development and Education:

We look for programs focused on the needs of early childhood and K 12 that fulfill their educational experiences, promote their well-being, and inspire them to reach their full potential, through essay writing, and the importance of saving.

Community Development:

Our contributions are made to organizations that promote wellness and stability in our community, specifically in regard to participating in, investing our resources and promoting special events around our communities.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Eligible organizations are non-profit, tax-exempt or a public service organization or institution. Our Financial Security Bank contributions are awarded to qualified non-profit organizations located in our communities where bank employees have a presence.