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Reviews & Testimonials

"If you are looking for a Small Business Loan, SBA loan, Farm or Church Lending, Financial Security Bank is the place to go. They are friendly and helpful and if they can't get it done for you they are happy to find the person or company who can. I have loved banking with them."

- Pauline M.

"Home town banking is such a nice thing to do, they are trust worthy, friendly and a very good bank."

- Kay B.

"Working with Corey and the team at Financial Security Bank for my small business loan was such a great experience. They make this complex process very simple for their customers and Corey went above and beyond expectations of service to get everything done efficiently."

- Brad H.

"Great friendly service. Has all the amenities that larger banks have- has an app, online banking, bill pay, and mobile capture for deposits. Has an ATM and a drive through window."

- MaryBeth

"I have been with Financial Security Bank for seven years now, and the staff has been wonderful and easy to work with. From personal banking to business banking to personal and work loans. I'm looking forward to keeping working with everyone here."

- Philip A.

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